Prof. Ann Vereecke  

Prof. Ann Vereecke, board member at Production and Operations Management Society, professor at Vlerick Business School.

Ann Vereecke has many years of experience in research and teaching in the area of operations management, manufacturing strategy and supply chain management. She has been atively involved in executive teaching and in research and advisory projects for a broad range of companies, including Aliaxis, AB Inbev, Bekaert, Bostik, Carrefour, Corus, Etex, Goodman, Imperial Tobacco, Johnson & Johnson, Möbius Consulting, Tessenderlo Group, Umicore, YKK and the European Petrochemical Association). She founded the Centre for Supply Chain Excellence at Vlerick Business School.

Prof. Dr. Werner Bruggeman  

Prof. Dr. Werner Bruggeman - Performance Management Expert at Delaware Performance Management (former B&M).

Werner Bruggeman is Professor in Management Accounting and Control at Ghent University and Vlerick Business School. Werner has the ability to integrate many management disciplines such as strategy, operations management, management accounting, organisation design theory and motivation psychology within his teaching and in his coaching of company managers in designing integrated performance management systems. Werner is an enthusiastic teacher and coaches many management teams in large companies to co-create and implement strategy and to make strategy management a continual process. He has done extensive research on creating strategic alignment, on the integration of performance management systems and on the motivational effects of the cost and performance measurement systems. He is partner of B&M Consulting, co-founder of the Strategy Management Collaboratives (SMC) - an applied research and consulting network in association with Professor Robert Kaplan (Havard Business School) and David Norton.

Nico Vandaele  

Prof. Dr. Nico Vandaele - K.U.Leuven

Nico Vandaele holds a degree Commercial Engineering (1990) and obtained a PhD. in Applied Economics, Operations Research and Operations Management from the K.U. Leuven in 1996. He is currently Full Professor Operations Management at the Katholieke Universiteit Leuven and Holder of the GSK Vaccines Research Chair on Quantitative Supply Chain Modeling and Design. He is a research member of the Research Center of Operations Management. He is also a visiting researcher at ECORES and LSM (Université Catholique de Louvain.

Nico Vandaele teaches courses in operations research, operations management and supply chain management
His research interests are situated in modeling of manufacturing and service systems, performance measurement, the design of planning systems, factory physics, health care management and supply chain management. Recently new research has been set up in the area of decision support for product design and development. He published in leading journals like IIE Transactions, Managements Science, Transportation Research, European Journal of Operational Research, Interfaces, MSOM journal, Robotics and Intelligent Systems, International Journal of Production Economics, Computers and Operations Research, among others. He is active in several executive training programs, both national and international, and has served as consultant/advisor for major global companies, like ABInbev, Atlas Copco, IBM, Baxter, Johnson & Johnson, Continental, Glaxo-Smith Kline, Monsanto, Bekaert, Procter & Gamble, as well as small and medium sized companies. Since 2007 he is executive director of IICK at Kortrijk and founder of Nyo Alatus and Athlycs, two KULeuven spin-off companies.

Rony Cremmery  

Rony Cremmery - Managing Director at SupplySquare, former Global Director of SCM at Dana Holding Corporation.

Rony Cremmery is Managing Director of SupplySquare and former Global Director of SCM at Dana Holding Corporation. He is a seasoned Supply Chain professional and business executive with over 30 years of experience in Supply Chain Management, ICT, Materials Management and Manufacturing within Clark Equipment Company, Ingersoll-Rand, Dana Holding Corporation and Tremec.

He is a graduate of KU Leuven with a master degree in Applied Economics. As a member of APICS he is Certified in Production & Inventory Control Management and has been nominated 'Fellow van het Hogenheuvelcollege' by the department of Operations Management of KU Leuven. He is holder of the Franz Edelman Finalist Award 1999 and member of the Edelman Academy.

Noel Janssens  

Noel Janssens, Logistical development manager at Atlas Copco Construction Technique Service Division.

Noel Janssens works as Logistical Development Manager at Atlas Copco Construction.

Noel works since 1998 at Atlas Copco in various functions within Production, logistics, IT and project management of which 3 years in China. Today, he is globally responsible for the logistics development of the Construction Technique service within Atlas Copco.


Aneta Kocot, Controller Supply Chain & Margin Analysis, Manager at Colruyt.

Aneta Kocot concentrates on supply chain. She initially worked on the design of logistical networks in the European automotive sector. She then moved to Colruyt to perform financial and operational business analysis of the supply chain. Aneta now leads the supply chain control department (including costing) which performs analysis of the total supply chain, from sourcing to point of sale in the Colruyt Group.


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