Analytical Supply Chain Planning – the value is in the variability

Prof. Dr. Nico Vandaele
Nyo Alatus/K.U.Leuven.

In today's volatile business environment, it's a real challenge to effectively and efficiently design, plan and control supply chain systems. Setting safety factors for inventory levels, capacity requirements and lead times is difficult when there are so many disruptions and uncertainties. With technology enabling rapid calculations on huge amounts of data, this enables organizations as well to include variability in the overall processes. After thorough research and input from key players in the industry, Nyo Alatus, a spin-off from the KULeuven, a new methodology to support your S&OP process: Flow Balancer. Seasoned supply chain professionals from Dana and Atlas Copco will provide you insight in their learnings from using FlowBalancer. Do not battle variability – embrace it and become a leader in S&OP.

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