Experience Visual Analytics @ Work for Bankers and Insurers

The face of analytics is changing rapidly. Whereas analytics used to be something for the happy few, nowadays analytics can be at everyone's fingertips, organizations small and large, newbies or the analytical savvy.

No matter if you are looking to improve customer insight, gain deeper insight in your key risk indicators or understand why some of your channels are better performing than others; SAS Visual Analytics can help you make sense out of your data. You come up with the questions; SAS Visual Analytics will come up with the answers.

Join us on the 16th of May during the "Experience Visual Analytics @ Work for Financial Services" seminar.

Here are your top reasons to attend:

  • Learn how Record Bank turns the analytical revolution into valuable insights during a presentation by Jan Dodion, Head of Credit Risk Management
  • Experience Visual Analytics @ Work and solve your own business questions during a hands-on session
  • Learn during an extensive demo how Visual Analytics can help you solve typical business questions fast and accurate:

    Customer Insight
    • How can we drive revenue by improving customer segmentation, acquisition and retention rates?
    • How can we improve the effectiveness of our marketing campaigns?
    • What is driving customer and product profitability?
    • Which product offerings should we position to target which customer segments?
    Risk Management
    • Effective risk management goes beyond regulatory compliance. Defining risk appetite, key risk indicators and putting in place appropriate risk governance processes will enable sustainable growth for many organizations.
    • How can we get an enterprise-wide view of key risk indicators?
    • How can we easily share information & insight regarding risk management throughout the organization?
    • What exposure to different risk types do we face? How can we mitigate these risks?
    • Which risk-return ratios do we have? What is driving these results?
    Commercial Reporting
    • Distribution channels like banks, agents or brokers are becoming increasingly important for the bottom line of banks and insurers.
    • How can we communicate results and interact more efficiently with our distribution channels?
    • What are appropriate commissions, fees and bonus plans to reward the people selling our products?
    • Which combinations of channels, customer segments and products are most profitable?
    • Why are we more competitive in certain regions, customer segments or price ranges than others?

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