Day with your Data

We know it and you know it. Data is cool. It is even cooler when you use analytics to get value from data. True business value that makes your job the best in the world.

During the "Day with your Data" workshops , we want to help you in bringing out your best Data Visualization talents & skills and demonstrate those using SAS Visual Analytics.

How do we do this in just one day?

You BYOD (Bring Your Own Data) or a sample of it, we load the data in Visual Analytics and at the end of the day you can present reports that are attractive, interactive and meaningful to your business. You can even invite your boss and your colleagues to prove it!

Based on the feedback of our participants and the requests we've received, SAS has put up a full calendar with new dates for 2014.
Click here and register for the date that suits the best in your personal agenda.
Venue: SAS Institute, Hertenbergstraat 6, 3080 Tervuren.

This is what the Day with your Data looks like:


Welcome and coffee


Start and data preparation


Introduction to Visual Analytics – hands on




Explore your own data and report building


Present results to your Decision Maker



So, if you want to spend one day that forever changes the way you look at data and its possibilities: click here and we are looking forward to meeting you during one of our Day with your Data Workshops.

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