SAS® Visual Analytics – Visualization in an entirely new way
Much has been said and written about Big Data and how it will change the way companies work with and create increased value based on the data. But what are the right questions you should ask?

SAS Visual Analytics gives you the opportunity to get an overview of and value from all your data.

In this seminar, we demonstrate how easy and intuitive it is to work with and explore large data sets with SAS Visual Analytics. At the same time, we show how to deliver results via web reports or to mobile devices such as the iPad®.

Explore many models in less time
SAS Visual Analytics is a high performance, in-memory solution. With a brand new, attractive user interface it's designed to explore large amounts of data - instantly.

Now you can analyze and find connections in billions of rows of data in just a few seconds and then present the results visually. The increased speed will allow you to do more tests in less time.