There has been a heavy emphasis both from regulators and the business on managing exposures to counterparty credit and market risk.

Successful management of both requires an accurate, on-demand view of risk factors across all business areas, asset classes and geographical markets, with a particular emphasis on the trading book.

This on-demand webinar looks at practical approaches to managing market and credit risk, integrating the finance function, and delivering risk analytics to the front office.

What will you learn?

  • How to address timeliness of data delivery, with emphasis on reporting speeds, shifting from batch processing to on-demand access to risk information.
  • Data quality and granularity of trade data and other inputs into the risk management process to achieve aggregation on demand.
  • Return on investment on risk analytics projects, touching on IT cost reduction, improved visibility of the regulatory agenda, and capital optimisation.
  • The importance of governance to the success of a risk analytics initiative, best practices for change management, dealing with internal politics and assessing impact to the business.

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