SAS helps private and public sector organisations understand why information, rather than technology, is the strategic asset and the benefits of using and re-using the data held within your organisation.

The asset-centric perspective is a proactive approach that manages information in the same way as other assets such as pounds, people and property. It is successful because it focuses on the exploitation information assets and, because we naturally take more care of what we value, it also leads to greater protection of those assets.  When information becomes widely recognised as part of the life blood of the organisation, the culture embraces both the need to democratise access to it and the importance of information quality and security.

This paper addresses:

  • Why information, rather than technology, is the strategic asset.
  • Using information for learning and adaptation
  • Identifying and valuing information assets
  • Ongoing monitoring and communication of value
  • A strategy for managing information assets
  • What does this mean for the role of the CIO?


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