With recent news stories on healthcare trusts being dissolved or put into administration it is time to act. It has long been recognised that intervention significantly improves patient wellbeing and reduces costs, but how can you really make this happen. Are you looking at risk of readmission, virtual wards or how to structure integrated care? Would you like to understand how world class hospitals are driving better outcomes for patients, right down to the operational level in wards, simply using their own data and insight?

Read the SAS point of view to understand how all this is achievable now.

  • Understand how resources are being used now, not in the past
  • Use predictive analytics to forecast the needs and cost of individuals and groups across the clinical pathway
  • Make evidence-based clinical decisions based on what is most likely to happen, not what has already happened
  • Assess how the entire organisation, or individual departments, are performing, and drive efficiency.

Click here to download the Point of View Paper.

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