More than ever, executives in information technology and lines of business are working to meet the increasing demands for data that can provide insights to drive competitive advantage for their organisations. From July to December 2012, SAS conducted an industrywide survey with executives across Australia & New Zealand to understand how today's enterprises are managing the big data phenomenon. It's become clear that if you are not looking for the value in big data, your competition is.

The results from our recent study reveal that 88 per cent of organisations agree that big data holds the key to competitive advantage over the next two years and 88 per cent of organisations also recognise the importance of applying analytics to real-time decision making.

Despite this acknowledgement of the importance of big data the survey also found that:

  • 41 per cent of organisations lack the skills to derive value from big data
  • 82 per cent of organisations have zero to satisfactory capabilities to collect, analyse and derive value from big data
  • 82 per cent of organisations don't have a data management strategy to collect and analyse data from existing sources.

Download Deriving Competitive Advantage from Big Data to gain insights into how your organisation can find the value in its big data with high-performance analytics.

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