Erik van der Velde, Program Manager Data Governance at University Medical Center Groningen (UMCG)
Tagging Data Governance Issues in a Hospital by Using a Logical Business Data Model

Summary presentation
Struggling with the knowledge that between now and three years, our hospital has to migrate to a new HIS in a complex application environment and knowing that legislation about the quality of care, financial position of hospitals, the need for "controlled" data environment is essential. Our hospital started a data journey with the final goal to have a controlled and governed data environment. In our approach we used a national developed reference model to address the several subjects of Data Governance and developed a migration strategy from a multivendor best of breed environment to a single vendor best of suite environment.

This presentation covers the following subjects:

  • Finding a useful reference model for healthcare in a disorderly world
  • Developing a logical business data model without losing the "real" world
  • Setting up a datagovernance organization
  • Developing a data lifecycle and migration strategy