Endesa lleva desde el año 2000 confiando en las soluciones de Customer Intelligence de SAS para realizar la segmentación estratégica que les ha permitido mejorar el conocimiento de sus clientes, perfeccionar la gestión de sus campañas y captar nuevos clientes.

HC Energía, perteneciente al Grupo EDP, transforma la compañía y posiciona al cliente en el centro de su estrategia comercial. En primer lugar tiene que hacer frente al reto de recuperar aquellos clientes que han elegido cambiar de compañía y optar por otra comercializadora. Para ello necesitaban ser capaces de identificar a aquellos clientes que les habían abandonado, conocer las causas del abandono y diseñar acciones que les permitiesen recuperarlos. 

Iberdrola, compañía energética privada de ámbito global, confía en SAS para la gestión de sus acciones comerciales. Iberdrola automatizará el ciclo completo de su gestión comercial con la solución SAS Marketing Automation

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Ausgrid SAS adds power to Ausgrid's data demands

Copenhagen Energy SAS doubles forecasting accuracy, offers cost savings of up to 50 percent and supports stable, reliable delivery of energy to consumers.

Dominion Dominion counts on SAS for risk management and decision support on the commodities trading floor.

E.ON E.ON is creating an integrated system in collaboration with a group of technological partners, including SAS, to take advantage of new production capabilities.

EDF Energy (Churn) SAS® Analytics help EDF Energy reduce customer churn

EDF Energy (Product Optimisation) SAS® helps EDF Energy understand customers, target products and build revenue

ENMAX Energy Opting to implement SAS Analytics is one step that is helping ENMAX Energy achieve its goal when it comes to balancing supply and demand.

Korea Power Exchange Because reports that once took two weeks to produce now take only two hours, analysts spend more time helping Korea maintain a cost-effective power market.

NOVEC This regional electricity cooperative relies on SAS to forecast demand for power as well as for future infrastructure needs.

North Carolina Electric Membership Corp North Carolina utility company decreased time to generate forecasts from six weeks to just a few hours with SAS.

ODEC Regional utility cooperative in Eastern United States keeps electricity costs to a minimum, thanks to accurate demand forecasts generated with SAS Analytics.  

Oklahoma Gas & Electric This utility uses SAS Analytics to forecast energy demand, plan for future changes to its energy portfolio and optimize energy-saving programs.  

RWE Poland RWE Poland achieves predictive modeling of consumer behavior for better operational efficiency, and balancing costs associated with tomorrow's energy.

Salt River Project (SRP) The third-largest public power utility in the United States, improves retail electricity rates using forecasting capabilities from SAS.

Snam Rete Gas One of Italy's largest suppliers of natural gas meets industry standards and improves customer service through efficient, automated and precise demand forecasts.

Vattenfall European energy giant implements SAS Enterprise GRC Solution to integrate and standardize its risk management processes and systems.

Vestas Wind Vestas, the world's leading producer of high-tech wind power systems, uses SAS to achieve an accurate, enterprisewide view of all its divisions and activities.