SAS Special Report for Small and Midsize Businesses

Register below to download Analytics for all, a SAS special report for small and midsize businesses. Analytics is critical for SMBs that want to thrive and grow in the 21st century, but many companies think they can't afford analytics, or don't know where to start. This report explores the pitfalls of relying on gut instinct, provides practical advice for engaging in analytics, and details case studies from SMBs that have done it.

Topics include:

  • Big data: It's not just for big companies.
  • Spreadsheet danger: Don't let it ensnare your organization.
  • Getting started: Tips to put you on the road to data-based decision making.
  • Real-life stories: Learn from SMBs that have made analytics work.

Sample articles:

  • Small business, big data – Mark Troester explains why even small businesses are creating a lot of data and why harnessing it can help increase revenues and profits.
  • Look beyond your spreadsheets – Caught in the world of data inconsistencies and formula errors? Assess the risk spreadsheets pose to your organization and learn why spreadsheets can't be the answer for your analytical needs.

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