Register now for this 52-page special report. Experts from around the world offer opinions about the key drivers to the global financial crisis, provide information regarding impending global regulations, and recommend best practices to improve the risk management abilities of financial and nonfinancial organizations. The report also includes case studies illustrating the successes attained through these enterprise risk management (ERM) strategies.

You'll find a range of risk-related articles:

  • The silo-based risk assessments have proven inadequate: "Enterprise Risk Management: The Culture of the Future for Financial Services."
  • ERM adds revenue-generating value while helping to meet regulatory requirements: "Benchmarking the Quality of Risk Management from a Business-Centric Perspective."
  • Uncover operational gaps, vulnerabilities and threats with scenario analyses: "Moving from Stress Tests to Broader Scenario Analyses."
  • Experts advise an enterprisewide view of risk, including liquidity risk: "Liquidity Risk in the Spotlight."

Sample articles

  • "An Erosion of Confidence" – A recent survey conducted by the Economist Intelligence Unit revealed that members of the financial services community have lost confidence in regulators and their own institution's risk strategy. Learn the affects of this erosion on the financial services industry.
  • "Shaping Europe's Regulatory Framework to Ensure Future Financial Security" (PDF) – The institutions of the European Union are planning measures to help restore confidence to its financial markets and reassure EU citizens. David Doyle is a Senior Policy Adviser with the Brunswick Group in Brussels. Download his analysis and discussion of some key draft legislation and regulation.

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