SAS Special Report for Health Care

Register below to download Better Care, Better System, a SAS special report for the health care industry. Innovation and advanced analytics are critical initiatives for health care and pharmaceutical companies that want to survive in the 21st century. The creativity that will transform the system lies in the hearts and minds of dedicated professionals who already question the tried and true.

Topics include:

  • Health analytics: creating a collaborative, cost-aware, outcomes-oriented system for the 21st century
  • Patient safety: measuring clinical performance
  • Social media: using advanced text analytics for smart social media strategies
  • Health care fraud: applying data integration and analytics to root out abuse in the system

Sample articles:

"Identifying and Managing Chronically Ill Populations" – Chris Scheib explains how lower costs and better outcomes start with advanced analytics.

"The Case for Advanced Analytics" – Patrick Homer makes the case that pharmas must apply more sophisticated methods for understanding, predicting and optimizing their sales and marketing investments.

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