SAS Special Report on Government

Register now for Government Insights, a SAS special report that looks at the vast and overwhelming technology issues the public sector must confront and resolve in order to maintain – perhaps enhance – the public trust. With a wide range of articles written by some of the world's pre-eminent experts in government, defense and economic affairs, this report will give you the insights you need to manage your agency confidently and effectively, even in a world of economic uncertainty and virtual warfare.

Topics include:

  • Sharpening defense logistics and mission readiness with analytics.
  • Safeguarding the value of your currency, even in difficult times.
  • Fighting cyberwars with cyber-analytics.
  • Increasing productivity with text analytics.
  • Preventive policing to prevent crime.
  • Making government more transparent.

Sample article:

Risk Management's Role in Government - Risk management in government isn't as straightforward as it is in the private sector. Not only is the magnitude of the consequences so much greater, there are also added dimensions in the form of politics and stakeholder motives that extend beyond simply measuring increases in a company's profit or loss statement. On Capitol Hill alone, there are 535 "risk managers," each with differing views of the importance of risk based on local concerns and party affiliation.

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