SAS is pleased to invite you to Analytics: The Art and Science of Better, a series of webcasts and resources exploring how organizations use analytics to not only transform their business models, but change the way in which they work.

Featuring SAS-sponsored webcasts, customer podcasts and informative white papers, this site combines real-world customer stories, examples drawn from history and science, plus practical advice to explain how you can use analytics to make the invisible visible, reduce uncertainty and foster continual learning and improvements.

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  • NEW! Analytics: The Beauty of Diversity – Learn how analytics contributes to and draws from multiple disciplines.
  • Analytics: The Art and Science of Better – Watch the first Webcast in the series in its   entirety or one podcast segment at a time.
  • Optimizing Analytic Resources: Analytic Centers of Excellence – Learn how to make the most of your analytic infrastructure through the latest Webcast in the series. 

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Hear several new podcasts focusing on the importance of investing in and implementing analytics.

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