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Transferring SAS data and analytical results between SAS and Microsoft Excel can be difficult, especially when SAS is not installed on a Windows platform. This talk provides basic information on how to use Base SAS®9 software to quickly and easily create multi-sheet Microsoft Excel workbooks that contain your SAS output using the ExcelXP ODS tagset (for Excel versions 2002 and later).

What You'll Learn

  • Generate multi-sheet Microsoft Excel workbooks containing just about any SAS procedure output.
  • Create an ODS style, and use it to produce attractive output.
  • Incorporate Excel features and functionality, including custom worksheet names, print headers and footers, AutoFilters and Excel formats.

The techniques that will be discussed require only Base SAS®9 software running on any operating system (Windows, UNIX, z/OS, etc.). 

Who Should Attend
Anyone interested in creating multi-sheet Microsoft Excel workbooks containing SAS procedure output. All skill levels are welcome.

Featured Presenter
Vince DelGobbo is a Senior Systems Developer on the Web Tools team at SAS. He has developed the HTML formatting tools and the SAS Design-Time Controls. DelGobbo is working to create other new Web- and server-based technologies as well as ways to integrate SAS output with Microsoft Office. He has been a SAS software user since 1982, and joined SAS in 1992.

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On-Demand Webinar


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