Amid budget constraints and organizational complexities, how do you deliver the best value from every marketing campaign and among campaigns across the enterprise? Today, more marketers are turning to optimization to deliver the most value for less.

Looking beyond ROI, optimization enables a marketing organization to be more sophisticated about how it approaches marketing – enabling you to make fact-based decisions and offer tangible proof of value.

Organizations adopting optimization for the first time can expect to improve campaign ROI by 10 to 30 percent. One organization reported a 93 percent increase in campaign ROI. In spite of the enormous potential benefits to be gained, marketers are still struggling to implement optimization – or haven't started in that direction at all.

Download this paper to learn more about getting started with marketing optimization and nine tips from industry leaders, including why you should:  

  • Start simple. 
  • Get executive buy-in.
  • Build your optimization capability in house.

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