How to Fight Payments Fraud: A Case Study
Watch our video, How to Fight Payments Fraud: A Case Study, and find out how one of the world's leading financial services institutions, HSBC, combats fraud in the US, Europe and Asia using SAS® to:

  • Increase real-time fraud detection.
  • Lower the incidence of false alerts.
  • Reduce global losses from fraudulent transactions.
  • Combat multiple forms of fraud and proactively respond to rapidly changing threats.

The Benefits of a Hybrid Approach to Insurance Fraud Detection
Are your current insurance fraud detection methods fraught with manual procedures, frequent false positives and siloed or unstructured data?

Watch this video and discover the critical steps insurers must take to effectively mitigate fraud. We'll examine the SAS® Fraud Framework and detail how it helps prevent, detect and manage fraud across the enterprise using:

  • Detection and alert generation.
  • Alert management.
  • Social network analysis.
  • Case management

On-Demand Fraud Webinar Series

Financial Crimes Symposium Financial Crimes Symposium

Join industry thought leaders, financial services executives and your peers for this exciting on-demand webinar series. Discover best practices and emerging trends for the ongoing war on fraud. Watch these webinars and you'll learn how to:

  • Identify more fraud.
  • Reduce false positive rates.
  • Improve investigation efficiency.
  • Increase investigator ROI.

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