On-Demand Webinar Series

Marketing organizations today face the challenge of an increasingly competitive marketplace. Customers have high expectations that must be met in order to maintain their loyalty and satisfaction. Therefore, it’s essential for your organization to maximize its use of customer intelligence.

Likewise, you’ve got to have the customer information needed to know which customers are profitable so you can make smart decisions about who to focus on and how to keep and grow their business. Only SAS provides the complete set of capabilities needed for a customer-focused marketing process.

Join us for this unique Webinar series to find out how SAS marketing solutions can help you drill deep into your customer information to make fact-based decisions and maximize ROI.

  • Optimizing Your Marketing Budget  
    The sheer volume of marketing activities no longer determines a department’s worth – marketers must now justify expenditures by showing how they contribute to profitability, growth and long-term competitive advantage. Tune in to this Webinar to find out how to manage the challenges of a multitude of marketing media and channels coupled with unlimited combinations of campaigns, products and offers, and cross-channel campaign planning.

  • Enhancing Your Contact Strategy
    Knowing what to offer and how often to communicate with your customers is critical. Tune in to this Webinar to learn how marketers can overcome limitations, such as budget caps, campaign volumes and channel capacities that affect how communications are planned and deployed.

  • Developing Profitable Patron Relationships
    In the high-stakes world of the US gaming industry, Foxwoods competes with casinos across the country for the same groups of valuable patrons. Foxwoods shares how it forges strong patron relationships through the use of customer data by developing sophisticated profiles of clients and executing highly personalized, micro-targeted marketing campaigns.