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Today, it’s critical to not only understand the factors influencing an insider's decision to act, but to also identify the precursors of malicious acts and know the technical and non-technical countermeasures that will improve the survivability and resiliency of your organization.

Join this broadcast to find out how to:

  • Apply proactive best practices to mitigate your insider threat risk.
  • Understand how to detect and respond to potential malicious insider actions.
  • Recognize the big picture of your insider threat problem – the complex interactions, relative degree of risk and unintended consequences of policies, practices, technology, insider psychological issues and organizational culture.
  • Identify the differences between insider fraud, theft of information and IT sabotage.

 Featured speakers

  • Ellen Joyner – Global Financial Services Marketing Manager, SAS
  • Andy Moore Senior Member, Software Engineering Institute at Carnegie Mellon University

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On-Demand Webinar

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