Complimentary Research Papers

How can analytics improve your business? SAS enlisted BusinessWeek Research Services to survey more than 100 C-level executives from across the globe to answer that question. Download one or all five white papers to learn what they said about using analytics to address specific challenges, from cutting costs to retaining customers to launching sustainability programs.

Information is King: Business Analytics in the Age of the Downturn and the (Re)Emergence of the Customer .  Discover how business analytics can help you manage relationships with customers and suppliers and improve overall operations. (PDF)
Driven by Data: The Importance of Building a Culture of Fact-Based Decision-Making . A practical guide to breaking down organizational barriers to enterprise-wide adoption of analytics. (PDF)
Emerging Green Intelligence: Business Analytics and Corporate Sustainability . Learn how to use analytics to improve the "triple bottom line" of people, planet and profit. (PDF)
Beyond Reinventing Government: Streamlining Government with Business Analytics. See how analytics can help you reduce waste and expenses while meeting the needs of your constituents. (PDF)
The Customer You Know: Keeping, Leveraging and Profiting from Current Customers with Business Analytics. See how business analytics can help you enhance customer loyalty and retention while expanding existing customer relationships. (PDF)