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During the last 12 months, banks across the world have hit the headlines as they have gone out of business, been taken over or reported massive reductions in profit. Other industries have followed a similar pattern, and even governments have not been immune.

All are expected to do more with less. To achieve that, they must understand how cost, profit and value are created in the first place. With that insight, organizations can allocate resources more efficiently without sacrificing their ability to earn profit and maximize value.

Invest a little time in this on-demand Webcast, hosted by CFO Group, to:

  • Hear how Mutual of Omaha is broadening its purview beyond cost savings to identify and act on opportunities to increase profit and value.
  • Find out how to recognize and avoid the most common mistakes organizations make in their cost-cutting efforts.
  • Learn about advances in the field of performance management that can give your organization essential tools to accurately evaluate and continually sustain its financial well-being.


Loraine V. DexterLoraine V. Dexter
Senior Vice President, Management Reporting
Mutual of Omaha Bank

Loraine Dexter brings 27 years of experience in the banking industry to Mutual of Omaha Bank.  Since joining the organization in 2005, Dexter has been responsible for business line profitability reporting, periodic forecasts, the cost accounting process that supports all aspects of management reporting and the annual planning process.

Dexter began her financial career in 1981 in Phoenix with Western Savings and Loan Association. Her focus on management reporting started in 1984 as a cost analyst for Security Pacific Bank in Los Angeles. In 1986, she joined Valley National Bank in Phoenix, which subsequently merged with Bank One, where she implemented an enterprise management reporting system. Dexter managed the Financial Planning and Analysis organization of the Home Equity Lending business prior to and after the merger with JPMorgan Chase.

Jonathan HornbyJonathan Hornby
Director, Worldwide Marketing – Performance Management

Jonathan Hornby is a visionary and thought leader in the field of performance management. He currently leads global marketing direction and has been involved with both the strategy and product management of SAS' solutions in this space.

He has had hands-on experience within the UK banking sector, followed by extensive travel, dialogue and collaboration with customers, management consultants and respected thought leaders in academia.

Hornby will discuss the key themes, thoughts and ideas that were included in the Webcast series Radical Times Require Radical Action. This four-part series, created by Hornby, discussed the economy and implications to business, government and economies around the globe. He will facilitate a discussion on the actions you and other guests are taking to adapt to the economy.

Peter TurneyPeter B.B. Turney, PhD
President and CEO
Cost Technology Inc.

As the current President and CEO of Cost Technology Inc., Peter Turney has been an innovator and thought leader in the field of analytics for more than 20 years. His accomplishments span foundational work in activity-based costing to designing today’s integrative analytic solutions.

Turney is a frequent presenter to management groups and has published numerous works including the best-selling book Common Cents , a classic in the performance management field. He has also written for Harvard Business Review, Sloan Management Review, Financial Executive, Cost Management and many other leading publications.

Turney will explore how companies unknowingly destroy value every day, and how you can recover some of that value to improve your balance sheet.

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