It's an exciting time for clinical research. By putting the patient at the center of research, biopharmaceutical companies and academia are – together – discovering hidden insights in clinical trial research data. Researchers are accessing post-decision, patient-level clinical trial data to accelerate research, find answers to our biggest health care problems and create new possibilities in patient care.

Of course, the complexity of this type of collaboration must not be overlooked. Clinical trial data transparency implementations face vexing challenges – big data, patient privacy, corporate culture and the risk of contradictory insights – just to name a few.

To better understand the opportunities and the challenges of clinical trial data transparency, Sanofi executives sat down with SAS to answer some tough questions. Nothing was off-limits in our effort to explain the current state of the initiative and what will need to happen for this collaboration to be successful.

Why watch?

This complimentary video is divided into three sections with candid answers to:

  • What's all the excitement about?
  • Data opportunities and how to make real progress.
  • Keys to success.