You already use SAS Warranty Analysis, so you know about the analytical insights it gives you. But did you know that you can now visually explore those analytical insights in an easier, faster and more interactive way?

This webinar will show you how to use SAS Visual Analytics to add vibrant data visualization to the analytic muscle of SAS Warranty Analysis.







What does SAS® Visual Analytics give you that you don't have today?

Data visualization. Use self-service, ad hoc data visualization to explore all your warranty data in a whole new way. See more options and uncover opportunities that would otherwise stay hidden.

Easy analytics. Try on-the-fly forecasting and scenario analysis, autocharting, "what does it mean" pop-ups, and drag-and-drop capabilities – all so simple that anyone can analyze data with ease.

Compelling, interactive reports. Quickly create and share 3-D bar charts, scatter plots, bubble plots, heat maps and tile charts to illustrate visualizations in an engaging way.

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