Organizations of all types rely on data to make both strategic and operational decisions.

But here's the thing – and it can be a hard pill to swallow: Every organization has bad data. And yes, that means you. The scariest thing is, you may not even know it.

So how do we fix it?  

When Bad Data Happens to Good Companies

Using a "blended case study" based on several real-life organizations, this e-book tells a story about why a data quality program and a set of formalized processes are critical. While it's about a health care provider, it's really the story of how bad data can affect any company in any industry.

Learn about the steps to data quality improvement, including:

  • Assessing the impact of business issues on operations, strategic goals and decision making.
  • Determining where in the data life cycle things go wrong.
  • Discovering why problems are occurring.
  • Fixing what's wrong and monitoring if something goes awry in the future.


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