New regulations, public image issues, negative publicity and/or a desire to promote better use of health data – all can add a lot of pressure to your organization. In response to these pressures, many pharmaceutical companies and other clinical trial sponsors are starting initiatives to expose and share their clinical trial information like never before.

And for good reason. Providing access to clinical trial data with the ability to aggregate information for meta-analyses greatly increases the likelihood of identifying new medical breakthroughs as well as decreasing the time to market for effective, safe treatments. But data sharing and data transparency initiatives still face significant challenges both in creation and execution.

Take a look at this complimentary paper to learn more details about this growing trend, including:

  • The potential value gleaned from data-sharing initiatives.
  • What hurdles your organization will need to overcome.
  • What components are needed and how best to support or participate in this evolution of clinical research.

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