The Analytics Revolution

How organizations capture, create and use data is changing the way we work and live. Many indicators suggest we are on the cusp of an analytics revolution that will transform how organizations are managed, as well as the economies and societies in which they operate.

As part of a multiyear research initiative, MIT Sloan Management Review is partnering with SAS to better understand the companies that are shaping and being shaped by this analytics revolution.

This report takes in-depth look at a survey of 2,500 respondents in two dozen industries about their use of analytics.

Read this paper to find out:

  • Whether your company is Analytically Challenged, an Analytical Innovator – or somewhere in between?
  • The three characteristics of Analytical Innovators, what we can learn from their successes, and from the challenges they face.
  • A framework to help your company - regardless of your current analytical sophistication - move toward analytical innovation.


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