Master data management (MDM) can enable an organization to create a single, accurate and unified view of information. Yet there are some fundamental barriers to MDM success. For many organizations, traditional approaches do not seem to be working as planned. Why?

Some of the reasons for lack of success with MDM include:

  • Lack of clear business goals.
  • Uncoordinated, independent and siloed MDM activities.
  • An underdeveloped information management or data governance strategy.
  • The misconception that MDM alone is a silver bullet.

This white paper focuses on what is required to overcome these and other challenges, and how to avoid ineffective or harmful MDM practices. Key topics include: 

  • Typical approaches to MDM (and why they're not working).
  • Why consolidation fails to meet data consumption needs.
  • Master data management considerations.
  • Rethinking the state of MDM.

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