What does it take to become a top 10 bank in two years? What role does marketing play to ensure the goal becomes a reality? Arthur Smith, Executive Vice President and Chief Marketing Officer for Union Bank, recently spoke with David Macdonald, Vice President of Financial Services for SAS, about what steps Union Bank is taking to build brand awareness and customer loyalty, and how technology has changed everything.

"We're a little geeky on the research and financial modeling side, but I think that sets us apart from a lot of organizations."    Arthur Smith, Union Bank

In this paper, you'll learn what steps Union Bank is taking to build brand differentiation and grow organically, including how the bank is:

  • Centralizing all fragmented marketing resource under one team.
  • Conducting voice-of-customer research.
  • Testing extensively in the digital environment.
  • Overhauling its brand reputation through innovative products.   

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