Setting yourself apart from your competitors is one of the basics of marketing, but there are plenty of companies that haven't – or can't – differentiate their brands effectively. In a crowded marketplace full of customers with short attention spans, making your brand stand out and stick is imperative.

Standing Out, an eMagazine by the ANA, contains three articles focused on what it takes to differentiate your brand for a strong competitive advantage. Examples throughout show how some of today's top companies – including, Orbitz, The Eastco Group, Vistaprint, Just Born, Jamba Juice and Chico's – are using analytics to better understand their customer segments to strengthen, and ultimately, differentiate their brands.

Topics covered in this e-publication include: 

  • Five common mistakes companies make when trying to differentiate their brands.
  • What CMOs are planning to spend on brand building this year.
  • Four ways marketers can create a customer-centric brand.
  • How to gain customer insight across channels and generate real-time decisions about customer preferences.   

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