Your forecasts should reflect the realities of your business and help you plan for the future. The problem is, not all forecasting technology was created equal.

Conducted by SAS experts, this complimentary on-demand workshop takes you on a virtual tour of SAS® Forecast Server. See a demo of the software in action and learn why effective forecasting doesn't have to require tons of resources or an army of analysts. 

How is SAS® Forecast Server in a league of its own? 

  • User-friendly GUI (no programming skills required).
  • Easy manageability and scalability.
  • Interactive time-series management capabilities.
  • Powered by the world's best advanced analytics. 

Key workshop topics include:

  • Defining the business problem based on the best data.
  • Building the best forecasting models.
  • Automatically running large-scale forecasting.
  • Evaluating and improving forecast accuracy.  

There is no charge to you for this workshop, and no SAS or programming skills are required.