With today's marketplace centered mainly on the customer, many organizations need to quickly shift strategies and change their business models to deliver customized and highly relevant marketing. What should a company to do when it finds it is data-rich but not that customer-intelligent?

Jason Redius, managing member and founder of Argyle Executive Forum, recently spoke with Lori Bieda, Executive Lead of Customer Intelligence at SAS, about how marketing organizations can use analytics to effectively improve the customer experience and the skill sets your team needs to deliver it.

A seasoned marketing and analytics executive with more than 19 years of experience helping organizations develop improved and targeted marketing strategies, Bieda offers sound advice on how organizations can improve their marketing effectiveness, including: 

  • The skills most important for marketing analysts right now.  
  • How to determine the size of your analytics team. 
  • The best ways to remove organizational obstacles so the entire enterprise can be customer-centric. 
  • How marketers can capitalize on predictive analytics. 

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