Rapid advances in technology and the increasing use of social media continue to propel marketing forward, but the same challenges – fewer resources, smaller budgets, and bigger demands for higher ROI – continue to test marketers.  

Download this complimentary conclusions paper, with insights from a recent DMA webinar, to learn how integrated marketing management (IMM) combined with marketing optimization plays an essential role in multichannel marketing.

No matter where your organization falls on the marketing maturity scale, this paper provides sound advice for improving ROI in even the most successful marketing organizations. Topics covered include:

  • Why an integrated marketing strategy needs optimization and how to achieve it.    
  • How to create multiple best-case scenarios to drive campaign planning.
  • How to get quick answers on big data issues.   

Key Contributor

Wilson Raj is the Global Customer Intelligence Director in the Worldwide Alliances and Product Marketing Division at SAS. With 18 years of experience in diverse industries, Raj has built data-driven brand value, engagement, and loyalty through expertise in integrating traditional and digital marketing, social media, multichannel relationship marketing, and public relations.

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