Online marketers dream of the day our customers can get what they want when they want it – in a minimum number of clicks, with little time spent. We know satisfied customers usually return, and tell their family and friends. So how do we get there? Website tracking is nothing new, but companies need more. Tracking visitor activity on the website while there's still time to influence consumer behavior is essential.

This paper explains the best technologies available today to help you create the most compelling online experience, tailored to every unique visitor. Once you read this paper, you'll understand how analytics can help you:

  • Target the right customers and influence potential purchasers. 
  • Personalize interactions to create timely and relevant offers.
  • Integrate online and offline data to build a complete customer view. 
  • Create rich, customer-centered data that's ready for analysis.
  • Run advanced analytic algorithms on each visitor to produce profitable opportunities.   

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