Are you ready for the next wave of cybercrime? If you're still relying on traditional fraud and anti-money laundering (AML) approaches, you are vulnerable.

Why Traditional Detection and Prevention Fall Short

More sophisticated and frequent attacks backed by well-organized and technologically advanced criminal networks mean that banks can no longer rely chiefly on business rules, nor can they continue to manage fraud and AML separately. To detect complex patterns of fraud, they need a holistic view of risk across the entire organization.

This complimentary white paper outlines the benefits of integrating fraud and AML programs and describes five core capabilities crucial for fighting financial crime:

  • A holistic, behavior-based view of "normal" supported by rigorous analytics.
  • The ability to monitor behavior across channels.
  • Alert management of fraud and AML events.
  • A centralized, shared platform for investigating all forms of financial crime.
  • Social network analysis to uncover relationships and reveal connections.

Find out why consolidating fraud and AML detection and prevention efforts increases accuracy and efficiency, significantly reducing risk while offering substantial cost savings.


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