Today's most successful customer-centric organizations not only analyze data from traditional sources to better understand risk and fraud, but have the foresight to incorporate data from websites, call centers and social media to round out a more complete view of the customer. The leaders are the ones who put that insight on the front lines – where and when decisions and customer interactions are happening.

How can your organization transition to this data-driven, customer-centric ideal? Read this conclusions paper – a summary of a panel discussion from the SAS Financial Services Executive Summit – and learn as experts from the banking, insurance and retail industries share details about the critical role that analytics can play in making the shift to a customer focus:

  • Susan Faulkner of Bank of America describes the ongoing journey toward customer-centricity.
  • Mark Gorman of The Gorman Group Insurance Consultancy talks about a "complete paradigm shift" in customer focus in the insurance industry.
  • Eric Williams of Catalina Marketing drew on his retail experience to explain the importance of understanding customers and using that information to drive business decisions.

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