SAS is pleased to offer you a complimentary copy of the Aberdeen Group's white paper assessing the supply chain strategies of a wide range of companies.

Best Practices in Supply Chain Management

Aberdeen surveyed more than 215 organizations across the four major industry segments (process, consumer, discrete and high-tech electronics) about their supply chain planning capabilities. In-depth follow-up interviews of select respondents further uncovered strategies, experiences and results.

The findings provide benchmarks against which organizations can measure their own supply chain effectiveness, as well as steps that can be taken to optimize performance.

Some of what they discovered may surprise you. For example, even top-performing organizations have ample room for improvement in their supply chain solutions and strategies. Among the companies identified as best-in-class:

  • Only 20 percent have the capability to do cost and carbon optimized network design.
  • Only 30 percent reassess their demand-supply network more than once a month.
  • Only 33 percent have the ability to simulate scenarios based on predictive modeling methodologies.

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