Fraud Videos and Articles

Fraud Detection and Prevention with SAS – Health Care Payers

This video offers an overview of fraudulent activities in the industry – such as billing for services not rendered, making false referrals or getting illegal kickbacks – and provides details about the SAS® Fraud Framework, a powerful solution for fraud detection, alert management and data aggregation.

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Large pill theft shows challenge of securing hospital drugs
Healthcare Risk Management article

Read how analytics and inventory tracking can be applied to discover patterns and outliers in your data.

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Combating Health Care Fraud in a Post-Reform World:
Seven Guiding Principles for Policymakers
A report from the National Health Care Anti-Fraud Association

This report, presented by The National Health Care Anti-Fraud Association, explores the seven principles policy makers can follow as they implement health care reform and consider where we should go from here in the fight against fraud.

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