The rise in digital mobile technologies, shifting consumer behaviours and preferences, big data and increased competition in retail are greatly transforming what successful marketing looks like.

A recent SAS/Leger survey of Canadian smartphone owners found that mobile marketing is key to increased sales and improved customer loyalty. In fact, Canadians surveyed say they would buy more if presented with promotional coupons on their smartphone while out shopping. When asked what they would do if they received a promotion on their smartphone that applied to either the item they were buying or a complementary product, 38 per cent of Canadians said they would buy both items. In addition, 58 per cent said they'd be interested in receiving personalized promotions from nearby stores while out shopping.

These are just a few of the findings of a SAS/Leger survey of Canadian smartphone owners conducted this spring. To download the full report and supporting insights such as an infographic and whitepaper click on the links below:

SAS/Leger Research Report:
Marketing success in a digital world: The power of personalization in mobile and online commerce 

Press release:
Mobile marketing key to increased sales, improved customer loyalty: SAS survey reveals 

Marketing success in a digital world: the power of customer analytics in mobile and online commerce
By Lori Bieda, Executive Lead, Customer Intelligence, SAS Americas

Keeping it personal: Marketing Success in a Mobile World 

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