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SAS and Teradata Credit Scoring Advantage Program

The SAS® and Teradata Credit Scoring Advantage Program is the first and only solution providing in-database credit scoring software. Together, these technologies allow organizations to invoke specific SAS Credit Scoring functions inside the Teradata database, helping customers to meet their credit scoring requirements faster. By proactively addressing credit scoring issues, organizations can obtain accurate and timely insights faster and more efficiently, leading to better-informed business decisions.

Business Challenges

  • Scoring high volumes of data in a timely manner, reducing the processing time from days to hours.
  • Need to score clients using internal and/or external data sources; internal data sources often hold an un-tapped wealth of client data and provide competitive advantage.
  • Regulatory credit risk capital management using internal and/or external data sources.

How the SAS and Teradata Credit Scoring Advantage Program can help

Key benefits include:

  • Improved performance using credit scoring functions within the Teradata database, providing a faster approach to develop, deploy and monitor credit risk scorecards, reducing elapsed processing times from days to hours and hours to minutes.
  • Integrated end to end infrastructure spanning data integration, analytics, scoring and reporting reduces implementation risk as all components are designed to work together. It also reduces governance risk as a full audit of all data steps, scorecard development, deployment and report generation is available in a single format.
  • Lower Model Risk with less data movement; the ability to leverage valuable internal and/or external data streams provide Financial Services firms a competitive advantage.