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Analytics Performance Management LLC
401 Hogans Valley Way
Cary, NC, 27513-5683
United States
Phone: 919-720-2718

Description: I am a 16 year retired SAS employee and an internationally recognized expert, author, speaker, and consultant in enterprise performance management using business analytics. My strength is up front education, training, and inspiration in EPM and analytics.
Industry: Health Care and Life Sciences, Telecommunications, Manufacturing, Financial Services, Retail, Energy and Utilities, Public Sector/Government, Education
Services: Forecasting, Enterprise Reporting, Business Intelligence
Solutions: IT Resource Management, IT Service Level Management, IT Value Management, Campaign Management, Credit Risk Management for Banking, Customer Relationship Management, Financial Management, Strategic Performance Management, Human Capital Management, Supplier Relationship Management, Value Chain Analytics, IT Charge Management, Activity-Based Management
Geography: North Carolina