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SAS® Data Surveyor for Peoplesoft

Providing the environment to turn Peoplesoft data into mission-critical intelligence

What is SAS Data Surveyor for PeopleSoft? SAS Data Surveyor for PeopleSoft provides ETL designers with the ability to extract, search, navigate and understand complex PeopleSoft data structures so that PeopleSoft data can be integrated with other data sources, analyzed or used in conjunction with SAS solutions.

Why is SAS Data Surveyor for PeopleSoft important? It enables organizations to quickly and efficiently integrate PeopleSoft data with other data sources, providing a complete view of the enterprise for business intelligence and reporting needs.

For whom is SAS Data Surveyor for PeopleSoft designed? SAS Data Surveyor for PeopleSoft is designed for ETL developers and decision support users seeking to integrate PeopleSoft data with other disparate data sources or exploit PeopleSoft data for decision support needs.

Key Benefits
  • Save time, money and resources. SAS Data Surveyor for PeopleSoft allows users to quickly find necessary data without having to understand PeopleSoft data structures. An easy-to-use interface and powerful metadata search capabilities enable ETL designers to search, browse and quickly locate relevant information from the thousands of tables and dozens of database schemas in PeopleSoft applications.

  • Reduce maintenance overhead. With SAS Data Surveyor for PeopleSoft, no custom coding is needed to get to PeopleSoft applications data. Instead, all relevant extraction information is stored as metadata that is easily managed and maintained, and routines can be reused by other developers and engineers.

  • Manage data on an enterprise scale. SAS is the only software that enables you to manage data on an enterprise scale, allowing the integration and management of all data sources on all platforms. It provides the perfect environment for helping you turn all PeopleSoft data into mission-critical business intelligence.
Key Features
  • Easy access of PeopleSoft data. SAS Data Surveyor for PeopleSoft enables you to explore metadata from your entire PeopleSoft suite without the need for specialized PeopleSoft knowledge. SAS provides ETL designers and knowledge workers with a way to easily navigate the thousands of tables that make up PeopleSoft.

  • Powerful metadata search. The Metadata Search, incorporated in the SAS Data Surveyor for PeopleSoft, allows IT users to search, browse and identify complex ERP data structures.

  • Flexible searching options. Multiple search capabilities, such as QueryTree, Application Group, Tables, Columns and Fields in native languages, enable ETL developers to get the necessary information based on input from users. You can search by entity model, fields, columns and tables.

  • PeopleSoft specific transformations. Only SAS has PeopleSoft specific transformations, such as Effective Dating Transformation, a common ETL transformation used in human resources and financial reporting.

  • Automatic code generation. SAS Data Surveyor for PeopleSoft automatically generates the code necessary to retrieve the required, necessary data from PeopleSoft applications.

  • Integrated data quality. With SAS Data Surveyor for PeopleSoft integration in SAS Enterprise Data Integration Server, it is a point-and-click process to run PeopleSoft applications data through SAS data quality routines.

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