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Data Management para Empresas en Crecimiento

Access, integrate and manage your organizational data

Everyone knows data is growing at unprecedented rates. For small and midsize businesses without large IT departments, providing access to consistent, up-to-date data can be especially challenging. SAS provides simple and flexible solutions designed to handle the challenges of distributed and rapidly increasing data volumes, inconsistently defined data across systems and the high expectations of data consumers who depend on data to be correct, complete and available when they need it.

How SAS® Can Help

From legacy systems, Microsoft Office or ERP applications, data from virtually any hardware platform or operating system can be accessed and processed using SAS. An interactive, visual data integration development environment enables collaboration among IT staffers and data stewards. Also included are integrated data quality capabilities, which are critical to providing accurate, consistent information. With SAS, you can:

  • Organize and combine disparate data from multiple sources.
  • Ensure clean, accurate, consistent data for use in spreadsheets, reports and analyses.
  • Provide users with easy access to data from their Microsoft Office applications.
  • Eliminate overlapping, redundant tools and complex transformations from multiple systems.

How SAS® Is Different

By accessing and integrating all available data wherever it might reside, SAS supports mission-critical business decisions by providing your small or midsize business complete, up-to-date and accurate data. Only SAS provides:

  • An easy-to-use solution that reduces the delays and high costs associated with custom coding each data integration project.
  • Embedded data quality to solve the problem of inaccurate, contradictory and inconsistent data.
  • A single view of your customers, products and other entities.
  • A way to eliminate the piecemeal approach of linking and managing data from different vendors.

Tailored Solutions for Midsized Organizations

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