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SAS/ACCESS® Interface to Oracle

Una manera conveniente de tener acceso a sus aplicaciones de almacenamiento de datos.

Las aplicaciones de almacenamiento de datos, están diseñados para integrar la base de datos, el servidor y el almacenamiento en una sola unidad. Están diseñados para reducir o eliminar las complejidades asociadas con la instalación, configuración, puesta en marcha y administración del hardware, el sistema operativo y el software de appliances mientras que se procesan terabytes de datos con solicitudes de extrema escalabilidad.

SAS/ACCESS® Interface to Oracle Exadata es una solución inmediata que proporciona conectividad directa entre SAS y Oracle Exadata Database Machine para aprovechar las utilidades de Oracle Exadata y obtener cargas y extracciones optimizadas.


  • Integrate data stored in Oracle with data from other sources.
  • Access data directly, easily and securely with a native interface.
  • Gain faster performance and reduce network traffic.
  • Support both technical and business users.

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  • Seamless and transparent data access
  • Flexible query language support
  • Performance features
  • Metadata integration
  • Optimization

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  • Integrate data stored in Oracle with data from other sources. SAS/ACCESS engines provide seamless and transparent read/write/update access to more than 60 data sources, including relational and nonrelational databases, PC files and data warehouse appliances. SAS Data Surveyors are specialized engines specifically for accessing enterprise applications. This enables you to integrate data stored in your Oracle database with other data and easily use all of your enterprise data with SAS Analytics to gain new insights for your organization.
  • Access data directly, easily and securely with a native interface. No SQL expertise or custom coding of extractions is required. You get a high degree of control over data security because SAS/ACCESS honors and augments the native security of the target data source. SAS enables a transparent approach by making data sources appear as though they are a native SAS data type, which facilitates interaction with SAS procedures, the SAS DATA step and SAS solutions. In addition, users are also able to interact directly with the data source using native data source capabilities.
  • Gain faster performance and reduce network traffic. SAS/ACCESS to Oracle provides the ability to push down complex Oracle-specific SQL queries, joins and functions to target data source processing. This reduces network traffic and speeds data access. SAS/ACCESS Interface to Oracle also provides API-level integration with Oracle's bulk-load utilities, further speeding loads.
  • Support both technical and business users. These out-of-the-box access solutions require minimal training and knowledge transfer. Business users will typically use SAS reporting and analytical capabilities, which can seamlessly access third-party data. Technical users may also access the data transparently, or they can interact directly with the data sources using SQL or other database-specific query languages.


Seamless and transparent data access
  • Broad coverage of data sources and platforms enables you to integrate data from across your organization.
  • Includes the option to access data without detailed knowledge of the database or SQL. The appropriate SQL queries are generated from the interface and passed to the data source for execution.
  • Includes the option to use SQL if so desired.
  • Has the ability to create federated queries that span multiple data sources. The queries are surfaced as database objects that can be used with all SAS solutions.
  • Makes use of security mechanisms inherent in the database.
Flexible query language support
  • A transparent access option surfaces data with minimal knowledge of the data or the SQL needed for access.
  • A custom SQL option lets users create their own SQL statements or modify automatically generated SQL.
  • Mapping of statements or functions specific to SAS to database-specific statements or functions enables all appropriate SQL statements to be processed directly inside the database, providing the best possible performance.
Performance features
  • Multithreaded read interface uses threaded kernel technology and native APIs.
  • Data read and writes are highly optimized with buffering, compressions, threading, etc.
  • Includes support for automatic partitioning.
  • Has the ability to pass functionality to the database.
  • Has the ability to directly control join-processing capabilities.
  • Includes temporary table support:
    • Create a temporary table that can be accessed by multiple SAS processes. This provides performance gains when the same data is required for different steps in a session.
    • Use temporary tables for heterogeneous joins.
  • Includes transparent support for bulk-load options. There is no need to understand different bulk loaders. Just set the SAS bulk-load option to "yes" and SAS uses the most appropriate capabilities.
  • Delivers industry-leading security, high availability and scalability with Oracle Database 11g, which has been significantly enhanced to take advantage of the Oracle Exadata Storage Servers.
Metadata integration
  • Database metadata can be accurately maintained within the SAS Metadata Repository.
  • Data jobs are registered via the SAS Metadata Server so they can be used in a variety of SAS solutions. Register data once, then use it in many places.
  • Supports native storage options, including temporary tables, materialized views and partitioned tables.
  • Translates native database data to the appropriate SAS data type for optimized processing.
  • Includes national language support.

Requerimientos del sistema

Host Platforms
  • HP/UX on Itanium: 11iv3 (11.31)
  • HP/UX on PA-RISC: 11iv3 (11.31)
  • IBM AIX on POWER architectures: 6.1 and 7.1
  • IBM z/OS: V1R10 and higher
  • Linux (32-bit): Novell SuSE 10 and 11; RHEL 5 and 6
  • Linux x64 (64-bit): Novell SuSE 10 and 11; RHEL 5 and 6
  • Microsoft Windows (32-bit): Windows XP Professional, Windows Vista*, Windows 7**, Windows Server 2003 family, Windows Server 2008 family
  • Microsoft Windows on x64 (64-bit): Windows XP Professional for x64, Windows Vista* for x64, Windows 7** for x64, Windows Server 2003 family for x64, Windows Server 2008 family for x64
  • Solaris on SPARC: Version 10 Update 8
  • Solaris on x64 (x64-86): Version 10 Update 8

* NOTE: Windows Vista supported editions are: Enterprise, Ultimate and Business.
** NOTE: Windows 7 supported editions are: Enterprise, Ultimate and Professional.

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Para hablar con un representante de SAS de inmediato, llame al 01800 1127 727 de 9:00 a.m. a 6:00 p.m. o solicite más información online.

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