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Find the Most Profitable Growth Opportunities

Focus on the customers, segments and offers that will most profitably grow the business

The proliferation of customers, channels and available information makes it hard to focus on, understand and keep track of where true opportunities lie. In addition, social media, access to information and the speed of change have empowered consumers, raised their expectations and altered their behavior. If you cannot identify common patterns that are constantly evolving, you risk allocating resources (both money and headcount) to customers, offers and issues that may or may not add value – to the customer or your organization.

How SAS® Can Help

Marketers must quickly eliminate noise and focus on the customers, segments and offers that will generate the most profitable growth opportunities. With SAS, you can:

  • Create a common, 360-degree view of the customer.
    • Access timely data – in any format, location and quantity.
    • Automatically cleanse and transform the data into high-quality, standardized information that adheres to your data governance guidelines.
  • Tailor offerings, campaigns and pricing strategies to extract the maximum value from both high- and low-profit customers.
    • A variety of analytics lets you profile and segment customers at any entity level (household, customer, account, etc.).
  • Understand which online channels customers prefer.
    • Capture customer interaction data, and analyze multichannel interactions and online behavior.
    • Use parameterized business rules to quickly and easily make website changes that can improve your customers' online experiences.
  • Find out what your customers are saying about you.
    • Establish a social CRM strategy.
    • Analyze conversation data to identify advocates of – and threats to – your corporate reputation and brand in a reasonable time frame.
  • Know which customers are most valuable and why.
    • Calculate the true cost and profitability of serving customers.
    • Quantify the social influence of customers and identify linkages so you can refine your segmentation, targeting, resource allocation and planning.
  • Reduce the time and effort needed to target, optimize and deliver offers consistently across the organization.
    • Use advanced predictive and descriptive modeling techniques to model and score customers in real time or batch.
  • Improve relevance, customer experience and ROMI.
    • Use predictive analytics to accurately forecast customer needs, value and/or risk of attrition so you can strategically plan appropriate actions to ensure the best outcomes.

How SAS® Is Different

SAS is unique in its ability to access, prioritize and understand the ever-increasing volumes of data that marketers need to analyze in their quest to grow the business and increase return on marketing investment.

  • Collect all market and customer data.
    • SAS lets you access data wherever it resides – in any format and quantity – on a timely basis to refine and improve the customer experience and your company's profitability.
    • With SAS, you can quickly identify and fix any data quality issues so that marketers can act on the data instead of wasting hours simply managing it.
  • Find opportunities others miss.
    • SAS follows the digital trail that customers leave behind, so you can identify hidden patterns that unlock the mysteries of customer behavior, sentiment, influence and value – increasingly within text.
    • SAS advanced analytics dynamically test and challenge more methods and approaches than any other vendor to find the optimal solution based on actual data, not an individual marketer's past experience.
    • SAS enables marketers to design and test their own approaches, which gives you the precision, flexibility and speed to outperform the competition.
  • Maximize profitable growth.
    • SAS enables consistent, reliable analysis that lets you forecast future behavior/demand, giving you more time to plan, align and invest resources appropriately.
    • SAS provides cost and profitability optimization capabilities that enable you to understand the true cost to execute, giving marketers a more precise view of costs and their drivers.

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