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Orchestration and Interaction

Marketing Automation – Planear, probar y ejecutar campañas para mejorar la automatización de marketing, la eficiencia de los procesos y el ROI.
Interacting with your customers in an appropriate manner drives retention, migration, loyalty and growth. Being able to deliver an appropriate offer – at the right time, via the right channel and with the right collateral – makes all the difference in satisfying your customer. If you oversaturate your customer base, you could lose customers for good. Undercontact them, however, and you miss out on valuable revenue opportunities. The key lies in making sure your interactions with your customers are appropriate and relevant – today.

SAS® Customer Intelligence solutions help you not only execute channel campaign management strategies, but optimize those strategies as well with these key capabilities:

  • Multichannel campaign management.
  • Inbound, event-driven marketing.
  • Campaign optimization.
  • Channel marketing execution (SMS, MMS, email, direct mail).
  • Marketing campaign optimization.

Orchestration and Interaction Components of SAS® Customer Intelligence

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