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Take the Best Marketing Action

Ensure that marketing always takes the best action to achieve organizational goals while meeting customer needs

There has never been a more challenging time to keep your customer's attention. With an array of technology at their disposal, customers can quickly shut down all communications to them, while simultaneously broadcasting their discontent via social media to millions of other consumers and encouraging them to leave your brand – in effect, transforming "customer relationship management" into "customer-managed relationships." What is needed is fresh thinking that embraces a view centered on the customer, where each new channel better informs the company's overall view of the customer.

How SAS® Can Help

To move forward, companies need to lay a foundation for a customer-first approach, with solutions designed to grow more sophisticated along with the organization. SAS provides software and services to help you:

  • Know immediately which offer is most likely to increase your customer's value to you during each interaction – online, in-store, call center, etc.
    • Instantly adapt content and messages to account for competitive threats and external conditions.
  • Enable marketers to design, create and adjust campaigns visually.
    • An easy-to-use interface includes a library of standard campaign management techniques.
    • Nontechnical staff can design flawless campaign processes, while providing guidelines to ensure campaign best practices.
  • Better understand how future scenarios using varying allocation options for marketing campaigns would affect your business.
    • Use what-if simulations and marketing strategy maps to assess your marketing mix.
  • Unify your marketing efforts across all customer touch points.
    • Use a single system to interface with all relevant communications channels – inbound and outbound – so that every customer action and reaction is planned, executed, measured and learned from.
  • Determine the best offer for each customer.
    • Evaluate multiple campaigns simultaneously using mathematical optimization and predictive analytics.
    • Achieve the best possible campaign objectives while managing budget and contact policy constraints.

How SAS® Is Different

Taking the best marketing action requires a broad range of capabilities, and SAS has that covered. No other solution can generate the returns, process improvements and positive customer interactions that SAS can.

  • A single interface lets you manage and coordinate complete channel coverage, which means fewer software tools are needed – and no handoffs.
  • Superior data management capabilities let you spend less time managing and moving data and more time focusing on better understanding your customers and market opportunities.
  • SAS Analytics provide you with powerful insights that can be easily deployed into your campaign selections, your real-time decisions and your front-office channels – enabling you to deliver relevant offers and messages to consumers anywhere and everywhere.

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