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SAS® Adaptive Customer Experience

More relevant, personalized communications. Better marketing performance.

What if every time customers interacted with your Web properties, they got exactly what they needed or wanted, in a minimum number of clicks, with a minimum amount of time spent on your website? SAS Adaptive Customer Experience is a family of hosted interactive marketing solutions that enable you to:

  • Understand how customers interact with your Web properties.
  • Target the right customers – such as those who have expressed an interest in your product or service, but have not yet made a purchase.
  • Personalize interactions with individual customers so that the content or offers they get are anticipated, timely and relevant.

How SAS® Adaptive Customer Experience Can Help

SAS Adaptive Customer Experience empowers marketers to use what they know about a customer – a complete customer profile based on data from both online and offline channels – to execute more relevant, targeted, personalized communications via the Web via these interactive solutions:

  • Understand with Customer Experience Analytics
    SAS for Customer Experience Analytics gives you a more complete view of your customers by dynamically capturing Web interactions, transforming those interactions into customer-centric knowledge, and integrating this knowledge with customer insight from other channel views. As a result, you can more effectively understand, model and market to customers who visit your Web properties.

  • Target with Customer Experience Targeting
    SAS Customer Experience Targeting enables you to effectively target and deliver offers to customers who have interacted with your organization via the Web. With the solution, you can collect online data and combine it with data from other channels, then deliver offers in an outbound batch-style campaign execution mode. This enables the re-targeting of customers who have demonstrated an interest in your product or service, but have not yet made a purchase.

  • Personalize with Customer Experience Personalization
    SAS Customer Experience Personalization makes it easier for your customers to find your product or service by serving it up to them as they interact with your website, rather than having them spend time hunting for it – and possibly never finding it. The solution uses the same dynamic data collection capabilities as SAS for Customer Experience Analytics, combined with the ability to deliver anticipated, relevant, real-time offers – that are personalized to an individual consumer – directly to them as they browse your website.

The SAS® Adaptive Customer Experience Difference

  • Rapid development enabled by dynamic data collection. Dynamic data collection technology involves just a single line of HTML code, rather than the intensive Web analytics tagging required by traditional solutions, enabling significant time savings, rapid development and reduced maintenance.
  • True customer-level data for multichannel integration. By combining detailed online customer behavior data with customer data from other offline channels, you get a complete view of the customer and a better understanding of customer behavior, which translates into more successful offers and campaigns.
  • Real-time marketing that's actually real time. Only SAS combines the customer insight derived from real-time data collection with the advanced analytics and business logic of SAS Real-Time Decision Manager, to ensure that the best offer is made to the customer at the right time – in real time.
  • Meaningful customer insight – not just page hits. SAS Adaptive Customer Experience links all website activity to a customer entity and combines it with existing offline data for a complete picture of the customer that goes well beyond page hits.
  • An evolutionary growth path. The modular nature of SAS Adaptive Customer Experience enables you to start small and add on at your own pace, following a natural growth path. For example, you can start with SAS Customer Experience Analytics for dynamic data collection and analysis, then add SAS Customer Experience Targeting for outbound targeting capabilities, and then move on to SAS Customer Experience Personalization for inbound, personalized targeting in real time.

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