SAS® Master Data Management

Achieve a consistent, single view.
Now easier than ever.

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A smarter way to a master view of your data.

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A proven approach that works

Technology designed to grow with you.

Creating a unified view of customers or products can be tough. Complicated. Chaotic. That’s why we provide a single set of products that work together. Data access, data integration, data quality and data governance – all supporting the SAS Master Data Management (MDM) solution. So, you can start with what you need. And let the technology grow with you.

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Put quality first

Focus on good data. Get better results.

Creating a single view of your data is impossible if the data is inconsistent, unreliable or inaccurate. After all, what good is master data if it doesn’t reflect the organization and how it operates? SAS MDM is built on a foundation of data quality – so you can improve and validate the quality of information every step of the way.

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Experience counts

Combine leading technology with industry know-how.

Technology can only get you so far. SAS MDM is designed, implemented and supported by a team of industry veterans. Our MDM specialists give you the tools and the skills to design a road map tailored to your organization and tied to results. Use our experience to help you meet the most complex challenges.

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MDM built for your world

Manage your data. In its native habitat.

You have networks of applications and platforms that drive your organization. Consistent, uniform data supports these technologies – and gets you primed for the future. SAS MDM works with your existing IT investments, helping deliver a common view of data across applications. Without reinventing the way you run your business.


Many domains. One data model

  • Create master data domains for party (citizen, customer, student, patient, etc.), organization, site, supplier, product, asset or other data elements.
  • Use out-of-the-box models that can be easily and seamlessly integrated with other models.
  • Identify and centralize key core reference data and domains using consistent modeling method.
  • Grow from batch-oriented to real-time application integration through service-oriented architecture (SOA).
  • Deploy a hub that includes entity matching, source system record linking, cross-referencing and best-record creation.
  • Monitor data rules and track historical changes of contributing records and best records.

Mastering quality data

  • Standardize and rationalize data during the MDM data lifecycle so hub has data worth using.
  • Use built-in features for data access, data profiling, address verification, data enrichment, standardization, parsing, data matching, householding, and business rule monitoring.
  • Create and maintain the master record using our patented data-matching engine.

Govern what you master

  • Control the master data hub, as well as the processes and workflows that govern creation of master data, through an intuitive, business-focused interface.
  • Search and display entities, and add, modify and retire entities.
  • Perform entity resolution and survivorship tasks with clusters of entities.
  • Manage access to attribute content by role, allowing only authorized individuals to view sensitive content.

Master your environment

  • Access all MDM interfaces from a common location.
  • Experience role-based access to MDM entry points such as administration and stewardship.
  • Create business rules, data quality procedures and data definitions from within the same environment.
  • Take advantage of unified reporting and monitoring for dynamic and batch reports.

Master what you need. When you need it

  • Reuse jobs and processes with a flexible batch and real-time deployment architecture.
  • Import data into the hub and manage inquiries and search from batch and real-time SOA interfaces.
  • Design MDM entity definitions from a single location – but deploy them based on how you need them to be integrated.
  • Perform large batch processes, mini-batch processes, real-time Web services, command line invocation and message queue communication with the same physical MDM processes.


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